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World’s Worst Jobs

Well kids, here we are again. Despite all your efforts, Monday has proceeded right on schedule, swooping into your life to punch you right in the dick. All the mimosas at Sunday Brunch couldn’t make this day get any better. Yet, in the act of trying to be […]

Worst Places for a First Date

Congratulations. You’ve achieved the impossible. After swiping on those apps for so long, you not only matched with someone but you convinced them to meet you for a first date. There’s no pressure here. The other person obviously thinks you’re attractive so just be yourself. Also, don’t fuck […]

Club 26: Credit Cards

Welcome back to another segment of #Club26 where the adventures of being on the wrong side of your twenties are exposed. If you missed our inaugural article, Check it out here! With the better half of your youthful twenties behind you, at 26 you begin to realize your life […]