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Rules of the Gym

It’s the new year and with that comes another new year’s resolution. Chances are, you decided to join a gym and lose some weight again. Like many of you, I’ve also decided to keep all my other bad habits in tact and try to shed some weight instead. […]

The Biggest Loser Challenge

It’s a new year and it’s a new you. Time for fitness, health and love. Sure, DGD may have just incoherently rambled that all of you self delusional KETO goers will fail. Guess what, he is right.Cauliflower will lose its luster, the gym will become exhausting and the […]

The Rainmaker

Key West. The land of possibilities. A place where the beaches are as beautiful as the weather. People travel from all over the world to visit the U.S.’s southernmost point and to take advantage of the small island’s tranquility to escape from all the worries of the world. […]