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Calories per Blackout

Summer is approaching which means we need to start preparing our beach bodies. To get toned and fit, maybe we start exercising more and try every diet we find on the internet. Maybe we even try the Quick Fix to slim down in a hurry. No matter your […]

The Bachelorette: POV from a guy

8:00 p.m.  All I have been hearing about these past few years is Channing Tatums index finger and the bachelorette. Last night I decided to dive into this realm of idicrocy that is THIS reality television. This season features a young women from tuscalusca who evidently was already on the […]

Chris Christie is an Eggplant

I know,  at Office Jockeys we typically  won’t pollute your news feed  with the political agenda of today. For that, you have our deepest condolences. Be that as it may, the research I have stumbled upon is just far too compelling to lay this theory to rest. Feast your eyes my flock as […]