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Meet the Bloggers


Clarky- Mistaken for Rudy more times than not, Meet Clarky. When he isn’t struggling with his weight and cubicle lifestyle, you can find him reliving the dream in bottom tier Beer League. Wild women, impeccable charm and phenomenal hair are attributes he is seldom known for. However, he is known to get overly aggressive when the Washington Capitals are on.




Jonner Cones-  A former JV All-Star, turned pencil pusher. These days you can find him crunching numbers hunched over in his cubicle, and by numbers we mean minutes until the almighty 5:01 p.m. strikes. In his spare time Jonner enjoys singing out of tune, developing new hangover remedies and rearranging his Stevie Nicks shrine. Jonner is often mistaken for Ellen DeGeneres.




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Silent Riot– Introducing the King of the Cubicle. Good looking enough to get dates, awkward enough to ruin all of them. He’s just your average young professional looking for the perfect caffeine fix and a way to avoid turning thirty.