Category: Booze Hounds

Drunk With Dierks

The Jockeys took a break from their normal cubicle grind and ventured into the heart of country music. Kick your shoes off, crack open a beer and enjoy the sights and sounds of these country crazed lunatics infused with copious amounts of alcohol. One thing we know for […]

The Rainmaker

Key West. The land of possibilities. A place where the beaches are as beautiful as the weather. People travel from all over the world to visit the U.S.’s southernmost point and to take advantage of the small island’s tranquility to escape from all the worries of the world. […]

The Friday Fire

It was just another tedious day at the cubicle, doing what I do best; getting aggressively shouted at by discontented clients. That is the hell that comes with working in customer service each and every day. Each night before I take my siesta, my mind becomes bull-rushed with […]

Mystery Tab

A bar tab.  A proud American staple that represents comradery, trust, and fellowship between bartenders and bar goers alike. While a bartender may keep your card to ensure there is no foul play, the tab represents a shared middle ground where there is mutual love and mistakes, made […]

The Road Trip to Hell

Operation Ruin Ely’s Life Much like the compulsion I felt when orchestrating the Fake Bachelor Party the day-to-day corporate lifestyle began to take a toll on me. Wake up, get verbally abused just to come home to zero female companionship. A shakeup was needed. Nay, a revitalizing event […]

The Fake Bachelor Party: Part 1

9 months deep into my corporate job, a quarter life crisis was struck upon me. In three short months marks the one year I officially graduated from college. Holy Shit. Excessive anxiety followed numerous panic attacks followed with the mere thought of this. It’s been almost one f***ing […]