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Pete Rose is a Thumb

There is nothing more Uncle Ant loves than 70s-90s baseball, a fresh pair of socks, or a solid fact (these are not conspiracy theories folks, contrary to the title). For decades the MLB Hall of Fame has shunned one of the all-time greats – Pete Rose. They claim […]

Chris Christie is an Eggplant

Uncle Ant is out today, participating in what I only imagine is off the f****ng  grid, so I’ll be filling in for todays Conspiracy lesson: Chris Christie. I know,  at Office Jockeys we typically  won’t pollute your news feed  with the political agenda of today. For that, you have our deepest […]

Mount Rushmoore

One of the most exclusive clubs in the world is not in Miami or Barcelona – it is the Club of National Football League Owners. They are often referred to as the “Old Boys Club”. But this article is not here to dissect the NFL and the billionaires […]

Sam Darnold is SamWise Gamgee

As a conspiracist, the better half of the human population may elude that professional sports are too “Main steam” for old Uncle Ant. On the contrary, half the population are not even humans, so touché’ mother f****rs. That being said, uncle Ant takes pleasure in streaming professional athletics […]