Category: Cubicle Chatter

Welcome to Portland

The city’s famous motto is “Keep Portland Weird”.  Well let me tell you, they succeeded.  Don’t get me wrong, the city of Portland is a great destination to explore. As self proclaimed “foodies” there’s more than enough options to keep your belly full with great food. The city […]

Silence The Dogs

You often hear dog enthusiasts say “I wish my dog could speak” or “I’d love to know what my dog is thinking”.  The same goes for cat lovers and really anyone else who has ever owned a pet whatever. It’s really an interesting concept if you think about […]

The Parlay Prince

Welp another losing week.  I hear that hitting .300 is good, but maybe I have my sports mixed up.  I am clearly no expert, but I do know one thing.  Points are getting laid this weekend.  They will likely being the only thing getting laid. Buffalo Bills @ New […]