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Game Day Cocktails: UF

Tomorrow night, we watch the Florida Gators take on the Miami Hurricanes. Sure that may sound like some weird Florida thing you read about in the news, but it’s actually the start of something great. This matchup marks the kickoff of college football season, and happiness as we […]

The Pepper Challenge

Nothing says Thursday morning like a hot pepper am I right!? It takes a brave man with a strong sphincter to take on the vast amount of peppers our very own Belly Boo did. In the end, he came up short and was labeled a loser. However, he […]

Summer of CrossFit: The Horror

After taking a long and meticulous gander at myself in the mirror, depression sank in. The once chiseled 6th grade physique I once had, was replaced with flabby torso complimented with bitch tits. Due to treating my liver and arteries like a punching bag soaked in acid the […]