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It’s Friday, 4:00, congrats, you’ve almost done it. The continual ass pounding you take week in and week out from  corporate America is about to be put on pause for two glorious days. A weekend packed with light -hearted pleasure followed by a Sunday morning of regret, anxiety and possibly a shot of penicillin. Until you embark on the journey that is post college, you just don’t realize just how precious the weekend truly is. Yet, here you are, sitting in your cubicle anxiously awaiting that everlasting clock to strike 5. 4:58, tick tock tick tock. You’re now just two scarce minutes away from having the shackles of employment ripped from upon you thus releasing you into the wild. Like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly, the office jockey you were Monday -Friday suddenly evolves into a monster no office setting can fathom: The Booze Hound. Fueled by a relentless scent for the weekend, intoxication mixed with pleasure seeking adventures; the defiled animal you become on the weekend has zero regard for it’s actions Monday morning. The Booze Hound does not trouble itself with the responsibilities of tomorrow. Instead, it plunges itself deep into the abyss of that drug we all call life. It’s 5:01 my Booze Hounds; get ready for some late night howling and growling. Who Lets the Dogs Out!