Meeting Mr. Wright

Last night we watched David Wright take his final at bat ending a pretty impressive career. Growing up a New York Mets fan, this is certainly a sad moment for me, but I can’t help but reflect back on our history with our captain. Now I can read […]


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“A unique humorous view of life.”

“Very clever. A unique humorous view of life. The video interviews at various events are truly hilarious. The food eating challenge events immerse the audience into the setting, finding yourself cheering them on to the finish line. Talented writers…Highly recommend!”


“Hilarious videos and even funnier blog posts!”

“Hilarious videos 😂 and even funnier blog posts!”


“Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys!”

“Office Jockeys is my new favorite sports and entertainment website! I care way too much about football and listen to quite a few sports podcasts and read football columns, but Meltdown Monday by Office Jockeys has become the only sports column I have continued to read this whole season. Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys! (It also helps that one of the writers is a HUGE panthers fan so he understands the cardiac cat arrests I go through every weekend). Also if you DONT like sports, there’s still stuff for you here! They have recipes (good ones too!), entertaining tailgating and food contest videos, and just funny articles about current events! I highly recommend checking out Office Jockeys!”