The Safety Vest

When flying on a plane, I always make sure to book the aisle seat. You never know what kind of whacko you’ll be seated next to so it’s nice to have the option to lean into the aisle away from the weirdo who chose the middle the seat. […]

Sleep Murderers

I’d like to start this piece with stating that everything your about to read is ‘off the record’, which I’m not a lawyer (tho i do watch a shit ton of CSI Miami) but pretty sure means you can say whatever the bloody hell you want and not […]

Cubs Cubicle: Does Rick Morisey have a Mangina? Okay, okay. Rick Morisey more than likely does not have a mangina, but we can’t be too sure, can we. Anyways, he poked an artery of mine today, so here’s a Cubs Cubicle Rant.  I will tell you what, It is seriously time to start placing bets […]


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