The Fluffy One

Growing up as a young child, you’re always told to encircle yourself with individuals that make you a better person. Individuals that are there to lift your spirits in time of need. We all have that particular group of friends that have shackled themselves into your life with […]

Kegels: The Future

Another weekend in the books, another 72 hours of sex-free fun added to my eternal dry spell. Each week I allow myself an ounce of desperation: that this weekend will be different. If Magic Johnson can beat AIDS, I sure as shit can get laid. But alas, the […]

Sloppy Sauce: Regret

Another weekend in the books, another brutal Monday morning spent dodging your boss in the bathroom, pooping out the Sunday scaries. As you tremble in your cubicle awaiting the countless emails awaiting you, you begin to reflect on your sins of the weekend. From a overdraft bank account […]

Booze Hounds: 5:01 P.M.

It’s Friday, 4:00, congrats, you’ve almost done it. The continual beating you take with each passing week from corporate America is about to be put on pause for two glorious days. A weekend packed with light -hearted pleasure followed by a Sunday morning of regret, anxiety and possibly […]

Don’t Graduate

After 5 years of vigorously kicking your liver, cholesterol and dignity square in the balls, the clock has struck midnight. The Cinderella story that is college, has come to a screeching halt and your post collegiate life looms ahead. If you were lucky enough to convince some corporation […]


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“5 out of 5 bosses agree it’s the most productive tool to get you through the workday.”

“It’s hands down the funniest site on the internet. 5 out of 5 bosses agree it’s the most productive tool to get you through the workday. You gotta check it out!”


“These videos make me laugh”

“These videos make me laugh – especially the food challenge videos!”


“Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys!”

“Office Jockeys is my new favorite sports and entertainment website! I care way too much about football and listen to quite a few sports podcasts and read football columns, but Meltdown Monday by Office Jockeys has become the only sports column I have continued to read this whole season. Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys! (It also helps that one of the writers is a HUGE panthers fan so he understands the cardiac cat arrests I go through every weekend). Also if you DONT like sports, there’s still stuff for you here! They have recipes (good ones too!), entertaining tailgating and food contest videos, and just funny articles about current events! I highly recommend checking out Office Jockeys!”