Costume: Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller is an icon in the world of playing hooky. Everyone knows Ferris for trading in a day at school for a wild day in the city. His fun filled antics made him the symbol of a good time, and if you wear this costume, people might […]

Love in a hopeless place

The unspeakable happened last night. SEX! To answer your next questions, Yes, you’re damn right I paid for it. Am I ashamed? Why don’t you ask Nicolas Cage if he’s ashamed every time he puts out a new film? Sure, it may be absolutely dreadful but he enjoys […]

Mystery Tab

A bar tab.  A proud American staple that represents comradery, trust, and fellowship between bartenders and bar goers alike. While a bartender may keep your card to ensure there is no foul play, the tab represents a shared middle ground where there is mutual love and mistakes, made […]


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” The video interviews at various events are truly hilarious. The food eating challenge events immerse the audience into the setting, finding yourself cheering them on to the finish line. Talented writers…Highly recommend!”


“Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys!”


“Their articles can be described as your Monday Morning thoughts on most of life’s more compelling topics, but rolled out via words in an Ernest Hemmingway-esque narrative journey.”