Quit the Diet. Fat is in!

Ever since the beginning of time, the hard bod, chiseled abs and having biceps larger than the spread of HIV in the 80’s has been the popular choice amongst the lady folk.  Due to MTV and Ryan Gossling, this has become the female’s eye candy. What society calls the six-pack. Men […]

Where am I?

Flashback to one sunny morning during my Sophomore year. My eyes struggle to open as I begin my fight against this monstrous hangover. The night before was a fraternity social, which must have been a blast because I woke up on a couch in an apartment that’s not […]


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” The video interviews at various events are truly hilarious. The food eating challenge events immerse the audience into the setting, finding yourself cheering them on to the finish line. Talented writers…Highly recommend!”


“These videos make me laugh- especially the food challenges”


“Hilarious videos and even funnier blog posts!”