Summer of CrossFit: The Horror

After taking a long and meticulous gander at myself in the mirror, depression sank in. The once chiseled 6th grade physique I once had, was replaced with flabby torso complimented with bitch tits. Due to treating my liver and arteries like a punching bag soaked in acid the […]

Sexless In Seattle

Sex? Never heard of her. Welcome to the commencement of our melancholy section- Sexless in Seattle. Having trouble with women? Do your hands and body perspire profusely on dates? Experiencing mild to severe panic attacks in the atmosphere of women? Have you not been laid since the last […]

Office Jockeys: Who We Are

Are you someone who was catapulted into the real world without the slightest indication of the horrors that awaited them? Maybe you wake up every morning knowing the best part of your work day is the morning poop you take at the office. Perhaps,  you’re just anxiously awaiting […]


      The Worm– Often mistaken for the Zodiac Killer, Meet the Worm. With an uncanny resemblance of a young Ron Jeremy, the Worm is always wiggling his way into debauchery. The Worm now travels the globe raising anarchy from country to country. When the Worm isn’t […]


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