Game Day Series: Kansas City Z-Man

In the year 1920, the United States would begin it's journey through Prohibition, which would last until 1933. During this time, the nation would ban the production and distribution of alcohol, leaving the entire country [...]

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Nair

If you haven’t read my last memoir on how to better yourself and open the flood gates, check into that first. Now that you’re all caught up, lets get down to business. Being waxing salons [...]

Trailer: Office Jockeys Get Mid-evil Dive balls deep into the realm of the renaissance as the Jockeys gather ground breaking coverage. Full video coming soon!

Meltdown Monday: I’ve Fallen and I can’t Get up

A quarter by quarter breakdown of the NFL's biggest piece of shit team: The Carolina Panthers  Quarter 1  Are you kidding me? These Seahawks refs!?? The replacement refs are back!!!! Instead of a fruitful [...]