Go Bless Yourself

Today I endured a suffering no one should ever have to endure. It was something that I’m sure no beautiful woman in the world has ever had to experience, but unfortunately a hardship ugly people probably struggle with everyday. Today I sneezed, and not a single person said […]

Costume: DGD and BellyBoo

Everyone knows we Office Jockeys know a thing or two about style. While most managers don’t approve of our dress code, our attire is a fan favorite at any tailgate. These looks are good all year round, but if you’re looking for a comfortable look this Halloween to […]

Costume: Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller is an icon in the world of playing hooky. Everyone knows Ferris for trading in a day at school for a wild day in the city. His fun filled antics made him the symbol of a good time, and if you wear this costume, people might […]

Love in a hopeless place

The unspeakable happened last night. SEX! To answer your next questions, Yes, you’re damn right I paid for it. Am I ashamed? Why don’t you ask Nicolas Cage if he’s ashamed every time he puts out a new film? Sure, it may be absolutely dreadful but he enjoys […]