No More Mr. Nice Guy: Seaweed wax

Another hopeless escapade flushed down the toilet. Another opportunity with the mythical species that is the female squandered.  I decided to proceed along the whole “self improvement, No more Mr. nice guy” plan all my friends and the self-help gods have been raving about. I’ve exhausted about every […]

Fight Night

I’m not a fighter. I’d love to tell you that I’m a lover not a fighter, but my game is weak in the love department as well. I’ve had some coworkers that I just wanted to shake the shit out of, but never really ever had the urge […]

Game Day Series: Kansas City Z-Man

In the year 1920, the United States would begin it’s journey through Prohibition, which would last until 1933. During this time, the nation would ban the production and distribution of alcohol, leaving the entire country sober…except for Kansas City. That’s right, these wonderful people chose to ignore the […]


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