Game Of Thrones Goes Greek

*These are merely based off typically stereotypes and not meant to offend. If you’re offended by this, you’re probably part of the problem and need to grow up. Some crazy and unexpected shit happened in the world renowned series, Game of Thrones. Horrific deaths, incest, excessive nudity and unwarranted […]

Real Life. I’m 27 #Club27

Well, my mid twenties have come and gone. As of today, this dinosaur has turned 27. Back in my collegiate days, I used to scoff at elderly folks living responcible lives, working 9 to 5 jobs and being above the age of 23. Now, I’ve officially joined them. One of […]

5 Shows to Fill the Void GOT left

Game of Thrones has come and gone. Despite how heart wrenched season 8 left you….all you snotty nosed sass bags need to grow the shit up. We are at the brisk of August and all I still hear about is the oppression everyone is experiencing from this disastrous ending. It aired back in April, Get the hell over it. […]