The Voices of AI

Ever had your Google maps narrate directions during your commute, or had Siri interrupt your conversation for no reason at all and just think “wow, that voice is sexy”? Sure it’s definitely weird of you to think that, but it’s also totally normal. Tech companies put big money […]

Revenge of the Nerds

Remember when times were simpler? Times where you could shove a nerd into the lockers while strutting down the halls  showcasing your dope letterman jacket. I sure do but guess what, Karma is a bitch. Now, I find myself in a monkey suit serving over priced steak to […]

Gasp, the aftermath…

Gasp, the aftermath….   Congratulations, you made the grave mistake of going to Gasparilla and now you must deal with the consequences. Of course, at the time you were chugging that Tito’s straight from the bottle at 11 a.m. you felt untouchable, but now it’s Sunday, everything changes […]


I’ve got a bone to pick, and by bone I mean claw. By now, I’m sure most of you have either heard or blacked out on the new “healthy” drinking solution that is: White Claw. Now me, an intellectual with actual taste buds, knew that from the start […]

30 For 30: The FGCU Walk On

The official trailer highlighting the  rise and fall of FGCU’s prized possession, Max Bleecher. Once a former D1 athlete who lets the fame and the celebrity lifestyle derail his NBA dreams. Excessive drinking, lucrative women followed up with a lack luster work ethic became the Kryptonite for “Bleech.”  […]

Bar Time Stories

After a long week, the bar is a great place to let off some steam and just get weird. When you spend as much time at the bar as we do, you’re bound to have some strange encounters. Here are some of those encounters: Bow Tie Bad Boy: […]

Tiny Dancer

Halloween is a magical time. You get dressed up in the most ridiculous outfit and head out to the local bars to get wasted with other people who look just as crazy. If you’re lucky, you’ll even meet someone and fall under their Halloween spell, but be careful, […]


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“Their articles can be described as your Monday Morning thoughts on most of life’s more compelling topics, but rolled out via words in an Ernest Hemmingway-esque narrative journey.”


“These videos make me laugh- especially the food challenges”


” The video interviews at various events are truly hilarious. The food eating challenge events immerse the audience into the setting, finding yourself cheering them on to the finish line. Talented writers…Highly recommend!”