#Club 26: Literature

Welcome back to another segment of Club 26, where we discuss being over the hill in your 20’s and all the regret that comes with it. If you missed the past two sagas, feast your eyes below children. Week 1 Week 2 Now that you’re all caught up, […]

Wine Wednesday: Franzia

Welcome to our newest section: Wine Wednesday, where DR. Shaffer and his rock of jubulter Belly Boo will explore the fine world that is Wine. From tasting the freshest grapes of southern Peru to the vineyards of France, these brave connoisseur’s will leave no corked un-popped. What on […]

World’s Worst Jobs

Well kids, here we are again. Despite all your efforts, Monday has proceeded right on schedule, swooping into your life to punch you right in the dick. All the mimosas at Sunday Brunch couldn’t make this day get any better. Yet, in the act of trying to be […]


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“Their articles can be described as your Monday Morning thoughts on most of life’s more compelling topics, but rolled out via words in an Ernest Hemmingway-esque narrative journey.”


“These videos make me laugh- especially the food challenges”


“Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys!”