Caps Cubicle Week 1: Free Willy

It’s been one dam week and the NHL is doing their best already to fuck the Capitals. The scheduling for starters is absolute asinine. Back to back games to start then  Take a week off, [...]

A Hero’s Tale

Ever wonder how you would react in a situation that needs a hero? You think you would run, fight, cry? If we’re lucky, we can go throughout life without ever knowing the answer to that. [...]

The Slow Eater

I’ve been on several dates, and the theme seems to be the same every time. She takes her time eating food, and I stuff my fat face as fast as possible. It’s just my nature [...]

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Waxing

That’s it, I’ve endured long enough. I won’t let life nor women pass me by anymore. It’s time I take my life back. I am a sex machine and it’s about damn time the rest [...]