The Road Trip to Hell

Operation Ruin Ely’s Life Much like the compulsion I felt when orchestrating the Fake Bachelor Party the day-to-day corporate lifestyle began to take a toll on me. Wake up, get verbally abused just to come home to zero female companionship. A shakeup was needed. Nay, a revitalizing event […]

Make Carbs Great Again!

It’s difficult to even grasp my mind around what a shaming society we have become. Weather its some shit talking hipster cowering behind a computer or my own damn father advising me not to eat that third hamburger, we’ve gotten out of control. For starters, grow up, dad. […]

Pete Rose is a Thumb

There is nothing more Uncle Ant loves than 70s-90s baseball, a fresh pair of socks, or a solid fact (these are not conspiracy theories folks, contrary to the title). For decades the MLB Hall of Fame has shunned one of the all-time greats – Pete Rose. They claim […]


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“5 out of 5 bosses agree it’s the most productive tool to get you through the workday.”

“It’s hands down the funniest site on the internet. 5 out of 5 bosses agree it’s the most productive tool to get you through the workday. You gotta check it out!”


“Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys!”

“Office Jockeys is my new favorite sports and entertainment website! I care way too much about football and listen to quite a few sports podcasts and read football columns, but Meltdown Monday by Office Jockeys has become the only sports column I have continued to read this whole season. Nobody can combine sports and humor quite like these guys! (It also helps that one of the writers is a HUGE panthers fan so he understands the cardiac cat arrests I go through every weekend). Also if you DONT like sports, there’s still stuff for you here! They have recipes (good ones too!), entertaining tailgating and food contest videos, and just funny articles about current events! I highly recommend checking out Office Jockeys!”


“These videos make me laugh”

“These videos make me laugh – especially the food challenge videos!”